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The books, articles, and posts listed below do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Wild Mountain team. These resources have made our list because we believe that they add important ideas to the discussion of masculinity, or they help clarify the critical nature of this issue and debate today.



The End of Men by Hanna Rosin in The Atlantic

The Many Ways Society Makes a Man in National Geographic

The Fear of Having a Son by Andrew Reiner in The New York Times

A Feminist Defense of Masculine Virtues by Camille Paglia in The Wall Street Journal

Part 3: Are We Medicating a Disorder or Treating Boyhood as a Disease? by Carolyn Abraham in The Globe and Mail

Why Men Aren’t Really Men Anymore by Paul Hudson in Elite Daily

New Syndrome Defined: Grown-up Kids Who Won’t Leave Home by Haim Omer in Haaretz

Are You Married to a Child? The Men Who Sulk, Throw Tantrums and Refuse to Grow Up by Anna Moore in Daily Mail Online

27 Ways to be a Modern Man by Brian Lombardi in The New York Times

Men Are Getting Weaker – Because We’re Not Raising Men by David French in National Review

The Friendship Crisis: Why Are Boys So Lonely and Violent? by Niobe Way in The Washington Post

How the Christian “Masculinity” Movement is Ruining Men by Jonathan Merritt in Religion News Service (RNS)

Young Men Are Facing a Masculinity Crisis by Jack Myers in Time

What Can We Do About Masculinity in Crisis? by Tanya Sweeney in The Irish Times


Other interesting books:


Additional books:

7 Men and The Secret of Their Greatness by Eric Metaxas