About The Wild Mountain

What makes a man a man?

Is it the work we do? Is it about carrying a rugged, independent spirit? Does it come down to grip strength or test scores? Is it in what we own, or proved through our accomplishments?

Masculinity is complex, and the answers we seek seem lost in a culture that is confused about manhood. Yet, the stakes are high. We need to figure this out, not only for ourselves, but so that we can raise the next generation of men. Our sons and grandsons long for a clear picture of faithful, courageous masculinity. They need real men to show them the way. How can we can be the fathers, grandfathers, and mentors that they need us to be?

Freelance author, pastor, and father Zeke Pipher, wrote The Wild Man (fable) and Wild Mountain Tribe (14-week men’s guidebook) to explore the most important issues concerning manhood—and to take men—young and old—on a journey to capture masculinity.

What makes a man a man? Pick up copies of The Wild Man and Wild Mountain Tribe today. The journey awaits!

What Others Are Saying

“This message could change the world! I say that because after spending my life serving the world’s most vulnerable populations, I’ve observed that most pain and suffering can be laid at the feet of men. If they would just step up to be faithful husbands, loving fathers, and dedicated providers, most of this world’s hurts could be eradicated. Our ever-shifting cultural definitions of masculinity muddle what it means to be and act like a man, to the point where men can feel they are losing the liberty, and even the instinct, to be themselves—the masculine human beings God created them to be. Zeke offers that being a ‘real man’ is an inside-out issue—it’s not based on appearances, or even performance; it can’t always be seen or measured. It involves what’s going on inside a man’s heart, evidenced by his striving to reflect the character and example of Christ. A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to serve others.”
Dr. Wess Stafford
President Emeritus, Compassion International; Author of "Too Small to Ignore" and "Just a Minute"