2018 Wild Man CHALLENGE


Are you ready to get wild?


How are men portrayed today? What are the labels we are earning for ourselves?

Sexual predators. Power abusers. Egomaniacs. Porn addicts. Workaholics. Irresponsible fun-seekers. Video game junkies. Homewreckers.

Clearly, the state of masculinity in America is in dismal shape. Each week, we hear new reports of men who have failed morally, deeply hurting their families, friends, and communities. It’s time to figure out what makes a man a man. And it’s time to give our sons & grandsons a clear target to aim at. What makes a man a man? We’ll figure that out together in the 2018 Wild Man Challenge!

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I’ve asked a group of men that I respect to join me in hosting the 2018 Wild Man Challenge. These are men I greatly admire – they are faithful husbands, fathers, men’s ministry leaders, sportsmen, outdoor writers, and editors. (Check out their bios below and visit their websites.)

We’d like you and your TRIBE to join us. Starting January 15, we will begin walking through Wild Mountain Tribe. W.M.T. a 14-week guidebook designed to help fathers, sons, grandfathers, mentors, and other young men have vital conversations about what it means to be a man who takes his cues from the Scriptures and from his conscience. Our goal is to be different from the society around us – to be strong and courageous – to be faithful to our Father in Heaven – to be kind, loving, and generous toward our wives, children, and communities. Our goal, in short, is to be WILD! (…”wild” will make more sense after reading The Wild Man fable.)


To join us in this 2018 Wild Man Challenge:

  1. Visit www.thewildmountain.com and order The Wild Man fable, Wild Mountain Tribe, and if you’d like, a Wild Man Challenge t-shirt. (Use the coupon code “WILD” to receive a 15% discount off these items.)
  2. Join the Wild Man Challenge Facebook group. This is where we (the hosts) will put up a starter post each morning in order to carry on a continuous dialog about these books and our experiences within our TRIBES. This is a closed group, only open to those going through Wild Mountain Tribe. We want this Facebook group to be a safe, honest, supportive community of committed friends & brothers.
  3. Form a TRIBE. Your TRIBE could be a group of friends, or a collection of fathers and sons and grandfathers, or a men’s group at church. Your TRIBE will meet 14 times throughout the winter & spring to walk through The Wild ManWild Mountain Tribe together. You could also just order the books and walk through this with your son(s) and our online community, as well.
  4. Invite your friends, family, and men from your church to join us, as well!


Our 2018 WILD MAN CHALLENGE hosts:

Brodie & one of his sons

Brodie Swisher is a husband and daddy raising his tribe near KY Lake in west Tennessee. He’s a world champion game caller, seminar speaker, hunting blogger, and editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie travels across the country to speak at wild game dinners, sportsmen’s banquets, and outdoor expos. Check out his website www.brodieswisher.comand www.bowhunting.com.

Christian Berg and one of his 2017 bucks

Christian Berg is a passionate bowhunter and award-winning journalist who spent 14 years honing his craft at daily newspapers before becoming editor of Petersen’s Bowhunting magazine 2008. During his decade at “The Modern Bowhunting Authority,” Christian has chased a variety of big-game species from New York to New Zealand, but his favorite remains pursuing mature whitetail bucks here at home and throughout the Midwest. During this entertaining, informative, multimedia program, Christian will share his personal journey into the hunting industry along with numerous insights for how you can be a more strategic and successful whitetail hunter. Christian and his family live in Pennsylvania.

Jeff Bryant from Chasin’ Creation

Jeff Bryant is known for his childlike excitement while chasin many types of creation but introducing new comers and children to the Chasin’ really gets his heart-a-racin! Growing up in Gastonia, NC, just 20 miles away from downtown Charlotte, Jeff has developed some wonderful passions. First and foremost, he is so blessed to have experienced the greatest gift a man could ever receive. This gift, which is salvation through Jesus Christ, ultimately brings Jeff true joy. He can tell you first hand Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother and he’ll never let you down. Jeff is thankful to all his family, friends, and Church for instilling this greatest passion in him. It goes hand-in-hand with God’s great outdoors and Jeff’s passion to experience it and share it with others. When Chasin Creation, as he likes to call it, creation can be seen with a 360-degree view. Spending most of his hunting time as a young teenager being led around the fall deer woods of York County, SC by his dad Greg, the story now comes full circle for Jeff. The still-youthful father now follows Jeff and Nicole around Chasin Creation with the next generation.

Shawn Ammons and a part of his (large) TRIBE

Shawn Ammons grew up in a family that valued being outdoors. His favorite childhood memories are connected to camping, fishing, and hunting. Shawn remembers drawing close to God as a boy in the outdoors. His relationship with God was enhanced every time he went into wild places. His childhood was spent in a small North Texas town where he worked on a cow-calf ranch. It was not uncommon for Shawn to spy on wildlife studying their habitat and behavior before he was old enough to hunt. Shawn received a wonderful outdoor heritage from both sets of grandparents as well as his parents. Shawn attended Sterling College in Kansas and received a BA in Education. While at Sterling Shawn met his wife, Cheryl, who complimented his love for the outdoors. The next twenty-two years blessed them with nine outdoor loving children. Together they run a rustic servant leader camp in Kansas called Extreme Kansas Camp. While working and raising their young family Shawn earned a Masters degree from Moody out of Chicago, IL. Shawn has helped hundreds of young boys and girls catch their first fish or tag their first whitetail. Shawn is the Founder of Extreme Encounters Inc., a non-profit that trains servant leaders in the great outdoors. Shawn highly values the teaching environment wild places provide.

Clark Osborn at the Peak Challenge

Clark Osborne currently serves as a missionary to men, families and churches as the Midwest Regional Director for Real Momentum Ministries in Omaha Nebraska. Clark has been involved in ministry to men since 1994 and served as an Ambassador for Promise Keepers and as the volunteer coordinator for the 1998 Omaha Promise Keepers conference. For the last six years as a regional men’s ministry leader, Clark has been responsible for leading a team of men to coordinate the Omaha Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Equipping Conference and also to provide regional training opportunities for men’s leaders and Pastors. Clark is also involved with a ministry outreach to Pastors called Pastors in the Outdoors which provides Sr. Pastor’s with the opportunity to be encouraged and renewed through hunting and fishing retreats. Clark has been married to Janet for 32 years and has 3 adult children and two grandchildren. He enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and friends in the outdoors hunting, fishing and golfing.

Zeke and his son Aidan

Zeke Pipher is the author of The Wild Man fable and Wild Mountain Tribe, as well as In Pursuit and Man on the Run. He’s a pastor, outdoor writer, and men’s ministry speaker. To learn more about Zeke, visit this link on this site.

Let’s make 2018 a powerful year… together. Join us in the Wild Man Challenge today!