Don’t Mess With Texas!

The Wild Man’s job is to teach the young man how abundant, various, and many-sided his manhood is. The boy’s body inherits physical abilities developed by long-dead ancestors, and his mind inherits spiritual and soul powers developed centuries ago. – Robert Bly, Iron John

Kevin, a good friend from Texas, just sent me a picture of the group of men & boys that just had their first meeting to begin going through Wild Mountain Tribe together.  A room full of fathers, sons, grandfathers, and mentors who are taking seriously their role of passing on a vision of masculinity to the next generation.

Manhood is in crisis today. The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, Time, National Review, and virtually every news source in America and England is writing about it. In almost every measurable way possible, men are lagging behind women, and if commercials and sitcoms are even coming remotely close to depicting masculinity in America & England, then we are living in the middle of a laughable tragedy.

We need warrior-poet fathers, grandfathers, and mentors who will take action and lead young men into manhood. Passivity is killing us. It’s time for action. It’s not enough to think about this subject or write about this subject. Those are vital steps, but they cannot replace our action. We need men to act like men and pull together boys and walk with them into the world of men.

Don’t mess with Texas… these guys are doing it right. Let’s follow their lead.

The Texas TRIBE
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